After much prayer and due diligence of researching the best educational practices, we’re now ready. We have established a model to help us produce the top students in the country! Our program is built upon dynamic and cutting edge approaches that address national and state STEM standards and the Common Core. Student learning communities will be developed through single-gender classrooms designed to promote social and intellectual development.


Additionally, our small class sizes mean that your student will have more opportunities for participation, more individualized instruction and more personal attention from well-qualified teachers.


Central to our vision is a commitment to grow our learners into leaders. We nurture academic excellence in the classroom, but are just as intentional to mentor our students to be socially and professionally astute. God used education to elevate the trajectory of my life.


Being the first college graduate in my family and the only person from my neighborhood (that I’m aware of) with an earned doctorate, I see education as a vehicle in which God “…is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine.”


Evidence suggests that students’ achievement is elevated when schools and parents form strong partnerships. I’ll be the first to inform you that our expectations are high, and we will require your student’s very best effort along with your full commitment to support their educational experiences.


If you share this paradigm of thinking, we’d love to partner with you!

Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe the electric atmosphere here.

Dr. Ronnie Goines